Thursday, August 27, 2009

from the great minds of my midtown apartment

...comes this fucking blog.

Meet the contributors:

(pictured during one of his many apparitions of the Virgin Mary)

Likes: salmon-flavored kitty treats, satire and irony, stout beer, long naps in the sunlight

Dislikes: being fucked with, running out of kitty treats, skank-ass bitches, complacency

Brings to the table: a misspent youth on the mean streets of KCMO


(pictured after being disturbed from a pretty serious nap on the windowsill)

Likes: being the center of attention, new toys, the nostalgia of early fall, playing fetch with skill and tenacity most dogs would envy

Dislikes: loud noises, religious zealots, douchebags, water guns

Brings to the table: relentless vanity and narcissism


(pictured exploring Lava River Cave in Bend, Ore.)

Likes: singing loudly when alone, organic food, swear words, traveling anywhere, anytime

Dislikes: loud, tactless people, boredom, hangovers, corporate greed

Brings to the table: mad typing skills

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