Tuesday, June 15, 2010

day 24: i put stuff on my cats

Sometimes on stormy Monday evenings, the only thing that can stop restless dissatisfaction and ennui from seeping through my pores like the rainwater down the chimney is fucking with the cats.

It is endlessly amusing to sneak up on a sleeping Phoenix and watch her demonstrate her ten-inch vertical jump, or convince a confused Bubba Lee Kinsey that the laser pointer he's been chasing really is hiding under the chair, and he just needs to keep looking.

And the web site Stuff on My Cat offers yet another possibility: waiting until your cat is in repose, and then piling household objects on him or her. My cats were surprisingly tolerant of this bullshit:

Wind-up crab on Phoenix

Zack Greinke on Bubba Lee Kinsey

Jack-o-lantern on Phoenix

St. Theresa on Bubba Lee Kinsey

Halloween candle on Phoenix

Giant crow on Bubba Lee Kinsey

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