Sunday, May 23, 2010

day 10: i went down to funkytown

In Raytown, Missouri, a large shed in a shopping center just off the highway houses Funkytown, a neon, disco-themed dance club that is locally famous for being both ridiculous and awesome.

Despite wanting to hold the place at arm’s length and enjoy it only ironically, I have to confess I had a genuinely good time, especially because the dance floor has been tricked out to look like a giant carwash complete with old-school brushes and bubbles.

Experience the funk (and because they were never intended to describe something so unnatural, some funky haikus):

Pray to disco ball
Spinning and shining above
The god of the dance 

Climb up the stairway
To heaven, it’s VIP
And remains empty

A town this funky
Makes neon a state of mind
Crunchy as fall leaves

Drinks become empty
Gnarly tree lords over bar
Sees you sip then trip

Cougars in a cage
On soapy neon dance floor
They get too frisky

Halo of bubbles
Suspended like a held breath
Pop ephemeral

Chair offers a hand
Have a seat in your short skirt
Homage to the douche


scottfnwilson said...

Sorry I missed this
No, wait, what am I saying?
It's soap to you now

A.M. Lutz said...

Haiku to you, Mr. Wilson!
Thanks for reading.