Sunday, May 16, 2010

day 4: i attended a fashion show

A lot of people I know worked hard to put on the Blue Summer Eclectic, a fundraising event for KKFI and KC Fringe Fest combining fashion, music and performance art, including my boyfriend Jason Harper, who made the awesome promo video.

All I did was show up and get trashed.

Because my fridge broke on Friday, I have no food in the house, only a sad sack of spoiled condiments moldering on the porch. I ended up getting a salad and a bottle of wine for dinner, concluding that I would rather drink my calories that evening.

Of course the wine saturated my brain like a sponge, and while teetering around the Uptown Theater's Conspiracy Room I found myself discussing the potential hazards of masturbating with hooks for hands ala Jon Hamm in the most recent episode of 30 Rock and how I wanted to personify the music of KC soul band The Good Foot into one being and sleep with it.

The event itself is kind of a blur, but a very pleasant blur. I remember hot chicks dancing with light-up hula-hoops, hot chicks strutting down the runway in clothes by local designers that I would actually wear (unlike most “high fashion,” which in my mind only falls under the broadest possible definition of “clothing” in the same way a trash bag poncho can be considered “a raincoat”), and hot chicks dancing and twirling while suspended ten feet in the air between two colorful pieces of fabric.

It was the kind of event that made me proud to live in Kansas City and to know such awesome people. And it made me wish I’d gone to the Jamaican restaurant instead of the salad bar.

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Crystal K. said...

Thanks for blogging about Blue Summer! I didn't have the link to your hilarious and wonderful blog until Jason just sent it. Mwah!